BeHairful Brush - The Professional...
    BeHairful Brush - The Professional...
    BeHairful Brush - The Professional...

    BeHairful Brush - The Professional Detangler Travel

    Tax included 24/72 horas

    40% Smaller than Original

    Perfect for on-the-go use

    Lenght: 17 cm

    Width: 5 cm

    The exclusive The Professional Detangler curly hair-brush gives you everything you need to develop more defined but also voluminous curls!

    Gently detangles dry / wet curls

    Provides even distribution of the product

    Minimizes hair breakage

    Reduces frizz / increases total hair resistance

    Main advantages:

    Helps condition and add shine by distributing natural oils throughout your hair

    Helps promote brighter, healthier-looking hair by massaging the scalp and stimulating hair follicles

    Why you need it: Most detangling brushes tug at the hair, causing significant breakage. That is why we have created the professional Detangler. Minimizes frizz and fall while you can enjoy a tug-free detangling effect. Plus, it provides even product distribution so your curls can be shiny, voluminous and just plain gorgeous.

    Delicacy is one of the strong points of this curly brush: it glides gently through the knots creating less friction than normal hair brushes. Your curls will thank you on the wash day.

    Shine: The natural boar bristles help to evenly distribute the natural oils produced by the scalp giving you a lasting shine

    Volume: The Professional Detangler brush evenly distributes your styling products over each strand, creating defined and voluminous curls

    Nylon bristle: gently penetrates into the strands to detangle without tugging, distribute the product evenly and obtain an elegant definition

    Boar Bristle: Adds shine and smoothes the frizz that develops naturally after the hair is dry

    What type of hair is it suitable for: Perfect for all hair types, including extensions.

    ATTENTION: In order to avoid any wrinkling of the handle coating it is recommended to keep the brush dry and not to leave it wet for a long time. Cases like this occur when the brush is immersed in water for an extended period of time or if the brush is not dried after use on wet hair. To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you always dry the brush after use on damp hair.

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