Curly method, what is it?

The term method defines quite well what it is. It is a routine, it is a set of tricks designed to enhance the natural beauty of curly hair.

There are different versions of the method and some are quite restrictive and don't always work for everyone.
Other versions of the method can be defined as more liberal and also take into consideration those ingredients discarded by more restrictive versions, such as delicate detergents, natural waxes, soluble silicones etc.

The philosophy of our shop is to SIGNAL every ingredient that can be considered #notapproved for the more restrictive versions of the Curly Method, in order to be able to provide our customers with the opportunity to make the best choice without ever making mistakes in the purchase. We believe that everyone is free to interpret the method according to their personal needs, trying and deciding which products and ingredients are best suited to their needs.

What most of us Curly Girls ignore before starting the method is that curly hair, by nature, is extremely drier and more dehydrated than most straight hair, so a series of aggressive ingredients and practices should be avoided, you will find below the 8 basic steps to follow the method and return your natural splendor to your battered curls.

It is important to emphasize that initially there will be a transition phase in which the hair will have to adapt to the new treatment regime. This phase will last more or less time depending on how much hair has been abused in the past. In any case, after a short time you will begin to notice the differences, at which point you will hardly come back.

Are you ready to start? All you have to do is read the next chapter.

The 8 basic steps to get started

1: The first step is to remove silicones or other compounds that are accumulated on the hair. This step is called ‘’ Final Wash ’’ and is essential in order to create the initial environment suitable for subsequent practices.
Wash with a shampoo that contains sulphates and does NOT contain silicones.
Depending on how many silicones were present in the usual products you used, it may be necessary to repeat the final wash for 2 or 3 times.

2: From this moment on, wash your hair regularly with products without sulfates, you can choose between:
No-poo: a wash with water only or specific detergents
Lo-Poo: a delicate shampoo
Co-Wash: a wash with conditioner or a specific product . In this case you will need to let the product act for a few minutes and gently massage. This will give the cleaning agents time to remove the dirt.

3: After the usual wash, apply the conditioner or mask from half the hair to the ends. This phase is the right one to remove the knots, we advise you to do it with your fingers or with a wide-toothed comb. If you use a mask, leave it to act for at least 15 minutes: you can wear a shower cap or apply moderate heat for a more intense effect. Finish this step by thoroughly rinsing the hair.

4: Apply a leave-in and then the styling product to still dripping hair. Make sure you distribute them evenly and use the styiling technique you prefer, such as distributing the products with a Denman brush.
Then uses the ‘’ scrunching ’’ technique to shape the curls, that is to take the hair from the tips with the palm of the hand and tighten the fist while moving the arm towards the roots, we strongly advise you to look for a video on youtube.
For a less strong effect of styling products, you can pat your hair before applying with a microfiber towel or a cotton cloth. In any case, avoid rubbing or using traditional terry towels and brushes and combs

5: No heat. After applying the styling products, leave the hair free to dry naturally in the air and do not touch it in any way to avoid frizz.
If for reasons of weather conditions or time you can't, use a diffuser with cold air or at least avoid as much as possible the application of heat.
When the hair is still wet or damp, you can use hair clips / pliers to fix the roots and keep them raised, this will give more volume once the hair is dry.
When they are completely dry, depending on the styling product used, you may notice a wet and hard finish on your hair. This finish is called '' cast '' and now it's time to '' break it '' by using your greasy hands with a few drops of oil or a cotton shirt or a satin scarf with the '' scrunching '' technique. Finally using your fingers, you can lift and arrange the roots to give the shape you like more.

6: In everyday life, take simple precautions like sleeping by tying the hair in pineapple style over the head or wearing a ‘bluff’.
Alternatively you can use a night cap and / or a satin pillow case, the chemical-physical properties of this material will allow you to reduce frizz effortlessly.
During the day it refreshes the hair by wetting it with water and using the ‘’ praying hands ’’ technique, that is passing the strands between the hands together in the form of a prayer. You can also use a sprayer and possibly use mineral-free water.
There are various techniques for refreshing, some take into account the use of water only, others only styling products, others are a mix of both, the experience will tell you which one is the best in your case.

7: Once every week apply a mask to your hair, let it work for at least 30 minutes and no more than two hours before rinsing it. A good opportunity to apply the mask is right before routine washing, in this case the mask acts as Pre-Poo.
This deep-conditioning treatment will guarantee your hair a deep hydration that will give the hair shine and softness.

8: Remember to use only products suitable for the method, no silicones, sulphates, drying liquids, waxes and mineral oils. Do not use heat and do not use combs or brushes except for wet hair at the right time.

Now you are a Curly Girl too and in Curly Selection we are happy you can enjoy the natural splendor of your curls! Please don't forget to visit our shop divided into easy to consult categories !!!

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