The first step in hair care

Its function is to remove stiyling residues, accumulated dirt such as dust and oily substances. A correct application ensures that the contained surfactants can effectively dissolve the accumulated dirt.

Depending on the product, there will be a greater washing power indicated for occasional washing or a lower washing power indicated for frequent washing.


What makes the difference

Conditioning the hair means adding water and emollients to detangle the hair and soften them, in addition to straightening the cuticles.
The conditioners are what make the difference to get a well hydrated, flexible and soft to the touch hair.

Each type of product has its own technique and application times.


A style for everyone

Styling is the final step in hair healing and each product is selected to be effective and based on quality ingredients.

There can be many possibilities of styling techniques, also combining one product with another. The CGM advises the application of styling products with very wet hair.


Give your hair a boost

In this category you will find oils and natural butter to take care of your hair and donate a touch of extra shine, in addition to intensive treatments for sporadic use when your hair needs extra hydration.


For all needs

Take care of your hair with the best accessories selected by CurlySelection.

Maximum constructive quality guaranteed.

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