A clarifying shampoo does not contain sulfates but it does contain anionic surfactants (positive ions) capable of thoroughly washing accumulated residues, such as those of styling products.
Its use is occasional, generally once every two weeks or more.

A Low-Poo shampoo contains neither sulfates nor other aggressive anionic surfactants, but it does contain other types of more delicate surfactants (cationic, amphoteric and non-ionic).
Its delicacy renders it suitable for more frequent use, especially alternating with Co-Wash, this way the hair is always soft.

Co-Wash, (Conditioner Only Wash) is a wash where the shampoo is replaced by a specific conditioner. It is the method widely used by Curly Girls to get extra-soft hair.
It is indicated for frequent use since despite being very delicate it manages to remove a good part of the waste of styling, grease and accumulated dirt. Its method of action is based on the mechanical force applied with the fingers, the power of the same water and the electrical charge of some ingredients.

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