Curly Hair Protein - Protein Drops (50ml)
Curly Hair Protein - Protein Drops (50ml)
Curly Hair Protein - Protein Drops (50ml)
Curly Hair Protein - Protein Drops (50ml)
Curly Hair Protein - Protein Drops (50ml)
Curly Hair Protein - Protein Drops (50ml)
Curly Hair Protein - Protein Drops (50ml)
Curly Hair Protein - Protein Drops (50ml)

Curly Hair Protein - Protein Drops (50ml)

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Contains: proteins YES simple humectants NO coco NO aloe NO

Frequency of use: habitual (medium and high porosity hair) occasional (low porosity hair)

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An elegant package containing 50 ml protein drops (about 1000 drops) that give definition and shine to your hair.

The bottle has a handy pipette so you can easily count the number of drops and add it to the desired products.

Who are protein drops suitable for?

Protein Drops has been extensively tested on low and high porosity & high and low elasticity hair. While these drops contain large hydrolyzed proteins, our test candidate with low porosity, high elasticity hair still achieved excellent results.

What kind of hair needs protein?

    Damaged hair / porous hair: sun-discolored, frequent swimming pool / chlorinated water, wavy and with permanent or semi-permanent dye usually need more protein.

    If the tips are thinner than the center and appear lighter in color, your hair may need protein, especially at the tips. Proteins balance the porosity of damaged hair.

    Dry Hair: If you've tried everything, whether with protein-free masks or oil treatments, and those treatments don't work, your hair's dryness may indicate a need for protein.

    Thin Hair: Protein also supports thin / fine hair as it just adds a little extra stiffness - proteins are the support for the hair. People with thick hair tend to find that using too much protein makes their hair stiff or brittle, dry or sticky, or perhaps too soft and limp.

    Before dyeing or streaking or after long exposure to the sun and dry wind, hair can benefit from the hydrolyzed proteins present in the products.

    If you've tried deep-conditioning or a long oil treatment before, it's time to try some protein. Because proteins help keep hair hydrated (slows water loss). It can help reduce dehydrated hair breakage by increasing hydration. Hair is less likely to break when flexible and hair is more flexible when well hydrated.

    Since your hair is made of protein, every hair needs protein to a greater or lesser extent.

Signs that hair needs protein:

    Hair that loses elasticity may need protein.
    Hair that breaks when using a good (protein-free) conditioner probably needs protein.
    Hair that looks dry despite the use of oils and conditioners may need protein to maintain hydration.
    Hair that tangles more than usual.
    Curls that look indefinite after styling or refreshing


Do not mix the proteins directly in the bottle / package of the product to which you want to add. Mix in a separate bowl using only the amount of product you intend to apply.

The number of drops you can add to a product depends on various factors:

    the length of your curls
    the thickness of your hair
    porosity / elasticity of your curls
    in which product you want to add it

Low porosity and / or low elasticity, it doesn't require that much protein

High porosity and / or high elasticity, requires a fair amount of protein

Medium porosity and / or medium elasticity, requires a medium amount of protein.

    We recommend adding at least 5-10 drops per side / section to your product (s), use more drops if you have longer and thicker hair.
    If your hair feels stiff / rough after applying the drops, you have used too many or your hair does not accept the protein at the moment.
    Mask: mix at least 15 drops with a proportional amount of mask, depending on the length of the hair and the amount of product needed to cover all the hair.
    You can also add the drops at the time of the refresh, if after a few days you notice falling curls and they seem dry you can spray your hair until it is damp or wet, take a little gel or cream in the palm and add a few drops of protein, rub well hands to mix well and apply on the hair using praying hands and scrunch. If you don't want to add a product to your hair, you can also simply put a quantity of drops on your hands and apply to damp hair to make your curls shine again and to restore elasticity.


To test with these protein drops, we recommend that you do the following first:

    Wash your hair with protein-free products.
    Use protein-free products for your styling.
    Add protein drops to your latest styling product, such as gel or cream.
    Put your styling product without the drops on one side of your hair and mix the drops with the same styling product on the other side of your hair.
    This will allow you to compare and notice the differences between one side and the other.

When your curls are completely dry you should see / feel the difference. The curl could be more defined, see the reference photo on this page.

    If you don't see any difference, you may have used too few drops. Lightly wet that side of the hair and add the product again with a few more drops.
    If you see the difference, and it's worse than the drop-free side, more frizzy, sagging curls, coarse hair, your curls don't need protein in your styling products for now.
    Are your curls thinner at the bottom than the full length? Try adding Protein Drops to the product that you will use only for the tips, creating a differential styling for the different areas of the hair.
    Of course, you are free to add a few drops to a protein-free shampoo / mask to see if that makes a difference for you. You can then try to improve it slowly over time, by more precisely adjusting the amount of drops to use.


Give your curls a boost with a protein treatment by adding drops to your mask. This can be a protein-free mask or a mask that contains protein but not present in the first 5 ingredients. TIP: Pre-mix the drops and mask in a separate bowl.

You can do the same with your co-wash, shampoo, or conditioner.

Is your hair over-hydrating too quickly? Mix a few drops of Protein Drops with your moisturizer (without protein) to create more balance.

Do you have an over hydration? These drops are perfect for getting rid of hydration overload in 24 hours. Add at least 30 drops on wet hair, it is better to mix it with a leave-in and then use a little water to moisten the hair allowing you to distribute the product / drops well.

Do you have protein products, such as a gel or leave-in, and still have the feeling that they don't give the result you want? Try adding these drops to the protein product so that it can still give the desired result.

Are your curls feeling stiff / rough after rinsing the mask / conditioner you added the protein drops to? It could mean that your curls are not very fond of protein at the moment. Immediately use a moisturizing mask / conditioner to reduce stiffness and make your curls soft again.


You save money and wrong purchases because you can test Protein Drops first and use your current products with the help of these drops.

     Don't buy high-hydration products containing protein if you want to switch between your routine. Add the drops to your protein-free moisturizers, so you only need one product for both applications.
     Have you purchased products with protein, and they don't give you the best results because protein isn't in the top 5 ingredients? Add these drops to get the desired result. Protein is in the first 5 ingredients, but are you still not satisfied with the result? Try adding a few drops to this product, the results may improve.
     Mind you, all curls need protein to a greater or lesser extent, if the drops don't work for you right now, the characteristics of your hair can change over time, that's normal.
     These protein drops are never a waste of money, they are always useful in one way or another.

NOTE: Protein Drops, unlike other pure proteins on the market, contain preservative ingredients that counteract the onset of fungi, yeasts and bacteria.


Hydrolyzed Wheat Proteins
Wheat proteins make the hair strong, hydrated and ensure that water is retained in the cuticles, making the hair hydrated. Wheat proteins are great for dry and damaged hair. Split ends love wheat proteins.

Hydrolyzed soy protein
Soy protein is a water-soluble protein obtained from soy. Strengthens and repairs the hair fiber reducing hair damage. Soy protein adds shine and makes hair soft. It also increases the ability to retain moisture in the hair.

Hydrolyzed wheat starch
A water-soluble wheat protein hydrolyzate in a synergistic hydrating complex with wheat oligosaccharides (hydrolyzed starch). The combination of film-forming and moisturizing properties make it extremely functional for the hair. It is a powerful hydration regulator that makes hair resistant to extreme weather conditions. It penetrates the hair and reaches all parts of the inner cortex. It improves the internal traction resistance of the hair and gives body and texture.

It is a colorless liquid and chemically belongs to the family of glycol ethers. It is used as a preservative in many products, from shampoos to day creams. It has a broad antimicrobial effect on bacteria, yeasts and fungi and also keeps the product stable.

Potassium sorbate
Fights bacteria

In other words, vitamin E. It can help support healthy hair and scalp as it has natural antioxidant effects.

Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil
Extracted from seeds, sunflower oil is rich in essential fatty acids such as phospholipids and ceramides, as well as antioxidants and vitamin E, which make it deeply nourishing and soothing for the scalp. Maintains hydration and helps keep hair healthy and strong.

Ethylhexylglycerin reduces the friction between the molecules of the active ingredient and inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeasts, molds and fungi, keeping products fresher and safer for longer.

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How to use: please refer to the instructions in the product description


Aqua, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Hydrolyzed Wheat Starch, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Ethylhexylglycerin

Simple humectants

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