The online shop based in Spain borns in 2019 from our passion for curly hairs, inspired by the different versions of the Curly Method and experienced first hand through a meticulous selection of the best ingredients.

The personal experience of the founder who contributed to the spread of the curly method in Italy when it was not yet well known and the shared experience of the curly world leads us to select only some brands or some products and exclude others, selecting for our clients only formulations that we believe that are effective and deliver what they promise.

Based on notions of chemistry applied to the hair and in-depth research in the field of cosmetics, we offer our customers the best products on the market, individually selected for their composition, with an eye to every single ingredient.

To facilitate the choice of the most suitable product for your type of hedgehog, we offer you practical tabs of the ingredients, you can consult them to understand the functionality and the origin of each of them.

We also offer a -pre- and -post-
purchase consultancy service, in case you are a novice of the Curly method and still cannot understand completely the various formulations, or even if you have questions to ask us about the Curly world.
We will help you make the right choice by writing to Do not hesitate to contact us.

Don't leave your curls alone, give them the treatment they deserve.

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