Steinhart - Refillable Misting Spray...
    Steinhart - Refillable Misting Spray...
    Steinhart - Refillable Misting Spray...

    Steinhart - Refillable Misting Spray Bottle (150ml/5oz)

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    A practical spray bottle produced by Steinhart, a brand recognized by professionals in the sector.

    Unlike a normal spray bottle, vaporized water is broken down into smaller particles. At the same time, for each pull of the trigger, the vaporization will be longer than normal for maximum efficiency and practicality.

    It can be used by adding water alone or by mixing your favorite refresh product. It is recommended to mix only light and slightly viscous products in limited quantities. Thicker or too much product could clog the sprayer.

    Its small size and very low weight make it ideal also to be transported on outings or weekends by the sea.

    Tip: if used with water only without adding any other products, it's recommended to use demineralized water to avoid limescale build-up which would lead to less effective nebulisation. When you notice a loss of efficiency in the nebulization, it can be filled with demineralized water and vinegar (possibly the odorless cleaning version), nebulizing a few times and then leaving it to rest for a day. This will allow the vinegar to remove the accumulated limescale and the nebulizer will regain its full efficiency.

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