Ecoslay - Banana Cream (473ml/16oz)

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Contains: proteins NO simple humectants NO coco YES aloe YES

Frequency of use: every 2/3 washing
Suitable for all porosity type

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With avocado, okra, coconut cream, aloe vera and banana, this super thick and moisturizing treatment penetrates deeply to soften even the driest locks! And yes, it can be left on the hair used as a leave-in, pairing superbly with Orange Marmelade, Jello Shot and Apple Sauce.

Directions: after cleansing, apply a generous amount of Banana Cream to wet hair. Distribute evenly and leave on for 30 minutes, using a thermal cap for complete penetration. Rinse.

For more thirsty curls, apply some Banana Cream as a leave-in.

Due to the natural composition of this product it is strongly recommended to keep it refrigerated, especially in hot periods to preserve its qualities to the maximum. It is recommended to use it within 9 months of opening.

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How to use: apply generously on washed and wet hair. Use a wide-toothed comb or fingers to distribute evenly from roots to ends. Leave for at least 5 minutes. For a deep hydration treatment, cover with a shower cap and leave for 20 minutes. For an even more intensive treatment, apply moderate heat during application (do not cover hair). Rinse thoroughly


Okra extract, Marshmallow root extract, Aloe vera juice, Ceteryl Alcohol, Colza oil, Coconut cream, Jojoba oil, Argan oil, Banana Extract, Germall Plus

Simple humectants

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