Spiral Spritz - Natural Styling Serum (236ml/8oz)

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Contains: proteins NO simple humectants YES coco NO aloe YES

Light hold
Frequency of use: habitual
Suitable for all porosity type

The perfect styling product for individuals with fine or wavy hair types.

Spiral Spritz is a wonderful alternative to silicone serums. This lightweight Aloe based spray contains vitamin B-5 to add moisture to your hair and completely eliminate frizz!

Can be used to style wet or dry wavy hair and provides a flexible hold. Works great to smooth, moisturize and re-fresh 2nd day hair and remove frizz on all hair types.

TIP - Use Spiral Spritz to reactivate your style when you do not wish to re-wet and re-style your hair with the Curling Custard. Spray lightly when using to refresh your style. A little goes a long way.

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How to use: on clean and wet hair, after applying the leave-in.

Apply to very wet hair for a more defined result: spray the hair during the application if it starts to dry.

For a more natural result, apply less amount to damp hair.

Tip: remember that a gel holding power depends a lot on how wet the hair is at the time of application, with wet hair you will have more cast (hard effect) once it is dry and therefore more firm. Do not touch the hair during drying until it is completely dry.


Lavender water, extracts of horsetail, nettles and sage, aloe vera gel, vitamin B-5, glycerin, citric acid, and grapefruit seed extract

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