H28 and Co - 100% natural silk hair...
    H28 and Co - 100% natural silk hair...
    H28 and Co - 100% natural silk hair...
    H28 and Co - 100% natural silk hair...
    H28 and Co - 100% natural silk hair...

    H28 and Co - 100% natural silk hair towel - black color (50x100cm)

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    Material: 100% Mulberry Silk

    Dimensions: 50cm x 100cm

    Black color

    Imagine taking care of your hair with silk, the softest and lightest fiber in the world. Pamper your curls by incorporating the luxurious experience of our towels into your daily routine and feel the difference. You can use the towel as best suited to your hair type and your needs: to plopping, micro plopping, removing excess product or water, to protect your hair while performing a treatment etc ...

    Mulberry silk is known as the best quality silk in the world, with very particular characteristics such as extreme resistance (greater than that of steel) which allows it to have a very porous texture.

        Package contents:

            Hair towel in 100% natural mulberry silk 50x100 cm. Towel edges in gold color and printed logo.

    Reduce the time your hair stays wet by gently drying it without rubbing. Natural silk is a material that dries faster than cotton or microfiber and is particularly suitable for drying curly hair as it allows the hair to keep the right amount of water inside.

    NOTE: It is recommended to wash the towels before first use to allow the fabric to fade, just soak it in warm water or at room temperature and a mild soap or shampoo. Change the water after a few hours and repeat the operation until the water remains clear. Rinse and allow to air dry.

    How to take care of silk towels:

        Natural silk is not as sensitive as other types of silk, so it is easier to wash and maintain.
        They can be washed in the washing machine at 40ºC  maximum using a detergent suitable for silk.
        Do not use detergents that contain bleach or whiteners in general and do not use the dryer.
        You can, of course, always wash them by hand (rubbing gently) with shampoo and cold or lukewarm water.

    It is recommended to wash the towels before first use. Towels can shrink after washing as they are made up of a protein fabric. After normal use, they tend to regain their natural shape. You will notice that it is an irregular fabric and with use a kind of "balls" will appear; They are not only normal and a natural part of the silk fabric, but they are very useful for the hair and skin, releasing micro-amounts of useful components.

    Suitable for all hair types

    For reasons of hygiene, our customers are reminded that returns of this product are not permitted.

    About silk towels:

    Silk is composed of sericin and fibroin, natural proteins naturally present in silk, as well as 18 amino acids, waxes, sugars, oils and natural balms. This gives silk highly beneficial properties for the skin and hair that are not found in any other fiber, and which are visible from the first use.

    Silk is an excellent moisture regulator, thanks to its porous nature it allows water molecules to disperse easily, thus retaining moisture. This prevents water loss from the hair, resulting in less dry and more hydrated and shinier hair.
    Furthermore, this humidity regulation makes silk a fabric that dries faster than any other and naturally repels fungi, molds and mites.

    Forget frizz, breakup and split ends.
    Thanks to the oils, waxes and inorganic substances present in silk, you will ensure that the natural oils of your hair can be distributed evenly and naturally on your hair, keeping it much healthier. If your hair is dry or damaged they will immediately notice the difference.

    Silk is known as the second skin of the human body because it regulates temperature and perspiration.
    Natural silk deeply cleanses, eliminates toxins and gently exfoliates: the daily use of our towel stimulates the skin and promotes circulation, giving brightness and a healthy appearance to the face. By using our silk towels on the skin of the face, we make sure that, even in minimal quantities, the skin directly absorbs the 18 amino acids present in natural silk.
    So it is perfect for sensitive and problematic skin. It helps treat eczema, dermatitis, acne and other skin problems as the natural proteins it contains mix with the skin's keratin, forming a protective film. Plus, it's antibacterial, antifungal, and the most hypoallergenic fiber there is.

    Link to manufacturer page: https://h28andco.com/collections/silk-towels/products/toalla-para-el-cabello-de-seda-natural-color-negro

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