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Brushes & combs functions

The main functions of brushes and combs can be summarized in:

Shape the curl while styling
Untangle (remove knots)
Distribute the product during styling
Massage the scalp
Help with washing
Lift the hair roots for more volume

- Give shape to the curl during styling: depending on the techniques used they're used to create a more voluminous or more defined curls pattern, the brushes can be used to favor the formation of curls of different types.

- Detangling: some are suitable for detangling only in the presence of wet hair, others designed to be more delicate (presence of air cushion and non-pointed elastic bristles) are also suitable for detangling when dry because they do not damage the hair.

- Distribute the product: a classic use made in the curly method is to distribute the styling product evenly over the entire hair, avoiding areas that would be lacking and areas where there would be too much of it.

- Massage the scalp: some combs and brushes are particularly suitable for massaging the scalp, experiencing a pleasant sensation of relief, stimulating microcirculation at the subcutaneous level and thus favoring the supply of nutrients to the hair follicle. Used together with specific oils they are ideal for a stimulating and soothing treatment.

- Help during washing: the specific brushes suitable for washing increase the contact surface between the washing product and the scalp, ensuring thorough cleaning without ever being aggressive thanks to the soft tips. Also useful for stimulating the scalp during washing.

- Lift the roots: the wide-toothed combs, commonly called "afro" are useful for dry hair, to instantly lift the roots and obtain greater volume. Often small in size, they can be easily transported and used several times during the day.

Model analysis

Below is a quick model-by-model analysis, highlighting the most important features that may influence the purchase:

Denman D3

Not suitable for untangling. A classic instead for styling, giving shape to the curl and distributing the product. The removable bristle rows make it customizable.

Denman D4

Not suitable for untangling. Slightly larger than the D3, with 2 more rows of bristles while maintaining the distance ratio between the rows of bristles and between bristle and bristle. Removable raws. Suitable for those with a lot of hair to style and distribute the product.

Denman D31

Not suitable for untangling. Size identical to D3 but with 2 fewer rows of bristles and a greater distance between bristle and bristle. Indicated for styling and favoring the formation of larger curls. Also suitable for short and wavy hair.

Denman D14

Not suitable for untangling. Smaller size than the D3 and with two fewer rows of bristles. Suitable for styling short hair. The small size makes it a travel version of the D3

Denman D6

Indicated for detangling only on wet hair after applying conditioner. Indicated for distributing the product and giving shape to the curls

Denman D90L

Indicated for detangling both dry and wet. Presence of shock-absorbing air cushion which makes it more delicate. Flexible bristles with rounded tip for greater delicacy. Ideal for those with a lot of hair. It can also be used for styling and to distribute the product. Promotes the formation of large locks. Multi-purpose brush.

Denman D38

Same features as the D90L but using stiffer bristles (those of the D3 - D4 models). Perfect combo because it manages to be delicate thanks to the shock-absorbing air cushion and at the same time quite hard thanks to the greater rigidity of the bristles. The bristles are able to pleasantly massage the scalp. Ideal for those with a lot of hair both for detangling and styling

Mini Denman

In addition to being a very cool keychain, it is a very faithful replica of the real Denman. The bristles are identical to the bigger sisters and are also removable, it really works for combing the beard!

Denman Jack Dean Pompadour

Practical small comb ideal for lifting the roots if necessary and for detangling wet hair. Also ideal for long beards

BeHairful Brush (The professional Detangler)

Indicated for detangling both dry and wet. A versatile and very handy brush. Its particular shape makes it ideal for styling and distributing the product. The very rounded edges allow the hair to slide very easily over it when giving shape to the curl.

BeHairful Brush (The professional Detangler Travel)

Reduced version of the classic Behairful, it retains the same characteristics but is even lighter and more manageable, as well as being  more portable

Scrunch-It Brush

Not suitable for untangling. Not suitable for distributing the product. The current version of this brush is used only for styling. It gives very defined results at the expense of volume. Incredibly easy to use and super handy, the round shape also favors the rotation of the brush in order to form the curl

Scrunch-It Scalp Massager

Special comb suitable only for delicate scalp massages. Simulates the use of fingertips. It is usually used in combination with an emollient and stimulating oil. Used upside down, on dry hair it helps lift the roots.

Scrunch-It Shower Scrubber

The only function of this scrubber is to massage the scalp during washing, whether it is done with a clarifying shampoo or with a cowash. The gentle action of its silicone tips will promote cleaning and stimulate the scalp.

PuffCuff Silicone and Scalp Massager

Like the shower scrubber, it is only indicated during washing. It is slightly larger than the Scrunch-it version and its tips are slightly softer. The effect and its function are practically identical

Hercules Magic Star 5660

Comb suitable for detangling wet hair and thanks to very large teeth also to lift the roots. Unlike all other combs and brushes, they are entirely made of natural rubber, do not charge with static electricity and are very light and easy to handle.

Hercules 1049 Meches

Indicated for detangling wet hair and lifting the roots. Totally in natural rubber, this comb has no handle, easily transportable, does not charge electrically as it happens with plastic or nylon bristles.

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